See, your whole body is moving in new ways, every class. You’ll move your legs in ways you never have with
the different kicks and stances you learn. You’ll move your arms in new ways as you learn to strike,
block, and hold special stances. And because it engages your whole body – extra weight slips right off of you.

Stress Relief

So few people realize that the answers to so many of their questions and problems are right here.…It relieves tension and stress. …It relieves back, neck, and other body pain from the relaxing stretching, and constant movement of the body. And it strengthens your spirit as you tackle challenge after challenge – always succeeding. Always coming out on top.


Through our unique combination of traditional martial arts, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, Boxing, and American Tae Kwon Do, you’ll feel confident in being able to defend yourself in any situation regardless of size. This is because we combine powerful striking arts with the foundations of Jui Jitsu to use technique and leverage over power and strength.

Adult & Teen Martial arts in Northeast Minneapolis 

Self Defense

Combined with our traditional and sport martial arts, the adult class incorporates “situational” defenses that nearly all adults might encounter. Adults will learn defenses that will help them gain control over any situation. And… if we can be real for a moment… we’re going to teach you things that actually work.

Self defense is one of the most contributing factors for opening MN Karate & Fitness. We don’t want students having a false sense of security simply because of the color of their belt. Students will be expected to perform classical martial arts defenses, sparring defenses, and those interested will have an opportunity to practice light contact kickboxing/Muay Thai. We do this so you’re confident in knowing that if you can defend yourself against a trained attacker, you’re capable of defending against an untrained attacker.. Think MMA without all the tough guys wearing Affliction shirts, and without the need to train like you’re getting in the cage to take an elbow to the face 🙂


Our adult program is a total fitness package combining strength, endurance and flexibility. We incorporate the latest in exercise physiology, which helps build strength and definition. The program provides excellent cardiovascular conditioning, which boosts your daily energy. Each class also includes a variety of stretching exercises to help you avoid injuries and feel more agile.

At every belt level you must meet certain fitness requirements. Everything we set is attainable and can be modified to meet your special needs or abilities. We believe that you must be able to defend yourself and be physically and mentally fit to truly reach the black belt level.


Some people spend hundreds of dollars on seminars and books to learn goal setting, public speaking and time management skills. However, martial arts teaches all of these things in a stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding atmosphere. Our program allows you to see your abilities grow and feel your body become stronger and more fit. The confidence you will build is invaluable and will only help you achieve the goals you set for yourself outside of class. Many times when we think about the benefits of martial arts–self esteem, respect, self discipline and focus–we generally associate them with children and not adults. The reality is that our martial arts programs have the same effect for kids and adults alike. At MN Karate & Fitness, we believe all levels of martial arts are built on the same philosophy.


What Do We Mean by “Quality Martial Arts”?

Unfortunately there’s no set standard for martial arts instruction… This means most people never really know until its too late whether or not their child is learning something of value. At MN Karate & Fitness, we take pride in developing top level competitors and have a rich history in training and being trained by top level competitors at all belt ranks.

More importantly, we take time to understand each individual member’s needs and work tirelessly to help eachmember succeed in the way that suits them best. Each person is unique, and everybody learns differently. We combine audible, visual, and physical instruction to incorporate as many senses as possible to help each member in the class learn the way they know best.

By creating engaging drills and activities, members are more engaged and therefore remember more of the drill.

 Leadership Development

Adults & Teens will have an opportunity to demonstrate through classroom instruction and leadership everything they’ve gained from their training at MN Karate & Fitness. Leadership students will not only assist in classroom instruction, but will take on leadership responsibilities at home, at school, and during community events.


Whatever your reason for wanted to start martial arts, MN Karate & Fitness is the place for you. Click the button below to take advantage of our awesome web special. Or call us today at 612.331.3786 to see how you can get started!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Just finished the Brock Turner beat down self defense class, it was amazing. I feel like the instruction was very clear and I got a lot of practice. The instructors were very passionate about what they were teaching and made me feel safe. I would highly recommend this class to any woman with any skill/fitness level. Thank you for offering this class, and making it free!

Kate K.

The instructors here are amazing! I have been attending adult classes for several months, and everyone here is encouraging while expecting you to push yourself to do your best. I’ve never felt more empowered, and coming really helps with focus. Plus, they always give me a great workout!

Ladies – in addition to the great male instructors leading the school, there are a couple of female instructors which have helped me specifically understand how my body needs to move. These folks are VERY accommodating and friendly to women (really everyone of any variety), so don’t think this is just for the guys!

Bryn K.

My 5 year old daughter has been attending classes for almost a month and we are all loving it! The teachers are amazing! The first teachers in any extra curricular activity that have actually been able to connect with her and get good reviews. She is looking forward to attending everyday. I love it that the class times work with our family’s schedule AND that they occur more than once a week. My daughter has a hard time with impulses, can be shy at times, and has a hard time focusing – we have already seen small changes in her behavior since starting karate at MN Karate and Fitness & believe it will continue to improve as she strengthens her skills.
Edit one year later: I can definitely tell the difference between days and weeks when she goes to karate and doesn’t go. I have also started adult classes and it has been a great experience for me as well.

Samantha S.

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