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Greater Concentration

Overcoming challenges requires FOCUS. Some people aren’t used to focusing the way you have to in our martial arts classes. Believe it or not, your brain gets a “workout” too. Your Child’s ability to focus greatly improves in our classes. That means better concentration, and a better capacity to pay attention and pick up on the “little details” in life.

Supportive Community

We love our little community here. That means we take care of each other. No one is “competing” with anyone else or just trying to “show off.” That’s not our vibe. Instead, people have fun, encourage one another, and do what they can to make sure we’re all having a great time, learning, and growing.

Get in Awesome Shape

As you work new muscles and use your body in new ways, you also improve your cardio, build strength, get more coordinated and balanced, and get in great shape overall. This helps you feel stronger, clearer, and more full of life. A healthy person is a happy person… both mentally and physically.

Belief In Yourself

While our classes are fun – they’re also challenging. Martial arts uses muscles you may have never used before, and gets your body working in ways you’re not used tol. As a result, it takes time, patience, and practice. But here’s the thing: The harder you work at it, the better you get. And as you achieve more, accomplish more, and overcome the challenges – you realize you really are stronger than you ever thought.


Because we foster a supportive community, it’s impossible not to develop camaraderie and life long friendships through our martial arts program. We offer several opportunities a year for kids to come together and just be kids, join in community events, or compete together on our competition team. All these will help develop bonds of friendship between our members.


Classes are FUN!

“Fun” isn’t always the word that comes to mind with martial arts. We’re trying to change that. Every class is packed with action, excitement, smiles, and laughs. It’s how we think it should be. Our drills get kids engaged, which means they get to learn while enjoying themselves!


Our approach is unique, and is meant to provide the best experience for each student. From the first class to the last, our professionally trained instructors implement drills, games, and activities that not only promote quality students, but develops life skills that last.



Through our hands on approach, we take the time to analyze how your child learns the best, and implement a practical approach to their individual development.



Each class is planned out in advance. This means our instructors know exactly what and how they have to teach. This maximizes the benefits your child will see in each class, and helps develop focus and structure in our students.



After we’ve determined how your child learns best, we combine their learning method with our weekly focus, and then implement specific teaching methods that cater to their needs

Our Classes.

Minneapolis Parents! Discover our unique, life-changing kids martial arts classes that aren’t just about “punching and kicking”… but gives children the skills they need for LIFE. Click to learn more!

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Passionate, expert instructors, tons of action, and killer workouts are all the things you can expect from our Minneapolis teen & adult martial arts program…Plus: They’re tons of fun! Click now to get started!

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